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Slovenia is currently in the research phase. Banka Slovenije has said, “Although we have not detected a serious demand or need for CBDC at the level of the Eurosystem so far, this may change very quickly with the accelerated development of the financial sector. Therefore, the ECB, with the cooperation of the central banks of the Eurosystem—including the Bank of Slovenia—is actively studying the mentioned area and looking for a single pan-European solution that will be convenient and efficient, safe and reliable, globally accepted and will enable European identity and management.”

A full analysis of the CBDC developments in Slovenia and Slovenia’s treatment of civil liberties is forthcoming.

In the meantime, for additional information on concerns regarding violations of human rights and civil liberties, see the following reports by Amnesty International, Financial Tyranny Index, Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, Privacy International, and the U.S. Department of State. For additional information on concerns regarding the risks of CBDCs, see the following webpage and report by the Cato Institute: The Risks of CBDCs and Central Bank Digital Currency: Assessing the Risks and Dispelling the Myths.

For additional information regarding metrics, the methodology page explains each of the data points and provides their respective sources.