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Uganda is currently in the research phase, according to reporting by Reuters. Andrew Kawere, the Bank of Uganda’s director for national payments, told Reuters, “Bank of Uganda is currently doing preliminary studies on whether or not a central bank digital currency should be considered ... and especially explore what policy objectives it would address.” Bank of Uganda deputy governor Michael Atingi-Ego also said, “We are now looking and trying to understand the objectives for support of the CBDC, the design options, what is the role of the central bank, what role will financial institutions have to play, monetary policy implications; do you pay interested on it.”

A full analysis of the CBDC developments in Uganda and Uganda’s treatment of civil liberties is forthcoming.

In the meantime, for additional information on concerns regarding violations of human rights and civil liberties, see the following reports by Amnesty International, Financial Tyranny Index, Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, Privacy International, and the U.S. Department of State. For additional information on concerns regarding the risks of CBDCs, see the following webpage and report by the Cato Institute: The Risks of CBDCs and Central Bank Digital Currency: Assessing the Risks and Dispelling the Myths.

For additional information regarding metrics, the methodology page explains each of the data points and provides their respective sources.